It is the Gospel !

There are still many children waiting to hear the Gospel. It's the Gospel that gives life. With only $2, one soul can get School Bible.


End Bible Poverty

Evangelize to the people

around you? Perfect gift for your friends and customers

Campus Bible

Campus students, especially all freshmen, can get the Bible each year.


Unlike many other NGOs,
OneBody focuses on sharing the Gospel.

There is nothing more important than sharing God’s Word.
Your donation and prayer will help change lives of the children.

You are an evangelist!

You are not just a donor.
We don't work for what is just good.
We work for something eternal.
We work for thr Gospel.
We are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.
We are all called to be an evangelist.

Evangelism should not be expensive.

If we focus on sharing the Gospel, it doesn’t cost a lot.
When we give something else besides the Gospel, we have to be very careful.
We don’t need anything more than the Gosepl.
The Gospel itself is enough.